Perfect Money electronic wallet

Perfect Money electronic wallet is one of the famous online banking services in the world. Perfect Money Wallet allows users to pay quickly and transfer money securely on the Internet.

The Perfect Money system has three different account forms, including:

Normal account: The account is tied to all newly registered Customers of Perfect Money. Normal accounts do not have any restrictions on the use of the system.

Premium account: Premium accounts are granted to users who hold active accounts for one year. To upgrade your regular account to a Premium account, you will be asked to send service requests to customer service. Premium account users enjoy benefits including a 2% lower cost when transferring via bank transfer, as well as priority processing of all deposits and withdrawals through premium accounts.

Partner account: Partner accounts are only specified at the decision of the Perfect Money management team. This type of account is given to individuals who want to optimize the website for business to trade business. Often, those who run the business through the Internet are the main individuals to get one of these Partner accounts. Partner accounts are the most credible account types that provide increased trust for owners and their businesses. Some of the unique features of the account are 1.5% of the withdrawal fee via bank, 1.5% deposit fee from Pecunix account and 8% annual interest on the minimum account balance charged monthly.

Perfect Money Transaction Fees

Deposit fees
Bank transfer from 0%
Bitcoin 0%
By market price
Add to balance: 4% per year, (Up to 500 USD/month)
Internal premium account 0.5%
verified account 0.5%
un verified account 1.99%
Withdrawal fees
Bank transfer from 2.85% + bank fee
Bitcoin Fast (instant) 0.5%
Security fees
SMS Notifications $0.1
Annual Service $0
Account Recovery $100

Instructions for registering a Perfect Money electronic wallet account

Step 1: Visit Perfect Money’s website to register at the link

Perfect Money electronic wallet

First choose the language to suit your language.

Then click the “SIGN UP” button to register.

Step 2:Fill in the information fields (Information field with * is required).

  • Account name: Enter an account name
  • Full Name: Enter your first and last name
  • City: The city you live in
  • Address: Your current address
  • Country: The country you live in
  • Zip/Postal code: Postal Code is a provincial/city postal code.
  • Phone/Fax: Phone/fax number
  • Account type: Select Personal
  • Password: Enter your password (including both digits and numbers simultaneously)
  • Retype password: Re-enter the password above
  • Turning number: Enter the confirmation code

Done clicking on the box“I agree with terms and conditions”. Click “Register” to register.

Step 3:After completing the above steps, go to the e-mail and click on the link Perfect Money sent to verify the account.

Perfect Money electronic wallet

Note: The ID sent to email will be used for later logins.

Instructions for verifying Perfect Money electronic wallet

Verifying your Perfect Money account will help protect your account from hacker intrusion and account hijacking or password regain if you unfortunately forget your password. When you verify your Perfect Money account, you will receive a discount when trading on the Perfect Money system.

Step 1: First sign in to your account

Select “Settings” in the menu section to install

Perfect Money electronic wallet

Step 2:Verify the information

Provide information according to the required fields:

  • Name authentication
  • Address authentication
  • Website (if any)
  • Phone number authentication (Required in U2xxxxxxx wallet must have a minimum of $0.1 to be able to receive SMS messages).

Perfect Money electronic wallet

Upload a scanned copy of your electricity/water bill printed with your name and address sent by your local electricity and water company to your residential address.

Thus, the verification for the Perfect Money wallet account has been completed.

Instructions for depositing, withdrawing/transferring funds with Perfect Money electronic wallet

1. Deposit for Perfect Money e-wallet

Click “Deposit

Perfect Money electronic wallet

  • Bank Wire
  • Cash Deposits
  • E-Voucher
  • Cryptocurrency (E-Currency)
  • Certified Currency Exchange partners
  • Bitcoin
  • Credit Exchange

For quick, easy and convenient deposits, you should choose Certified Currency Exchange partners.

Clicking on “Certified Currency Exchange partners” will see a list of perfect money reputable partner units. Select reputable units and have an account to top up your Perfect Money wallet.

2. Withdraw/transfer with Perfect Money e-wallet

 Click “Withdraw

Perfect Money electronic wallet

Perfect Money also offers deposit forms such as deposits:

  • Withdrawals from Perfect Money via Bank Wire: A minimum of $300, which takes a few days for the money to arrive at the card.
  • Perfect Money withdrawal via exchange pages: Minimum $5, With automatic system, there should be money on the card after no more than 15 minutes.
  • Withdraw to Bitcoin wallet

Wish you success with Perfect Money wallet!


Phone number: +84399861368


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