Payeer electronic wallet

Payeer is an international online payment wallet service based in Russia. Payeer is one of the most popular online payment systems today. Now people can use Payeer to buy, sell and pay for services anywhere in the world. In addition, Payeer also provides money exchange, receipt and remittance services globally.

Payeer transaction fees:

  • Payeer charges per transaction 0.95%.
  • Transfers between Payeer electronic wallet accounts are free.

Supported currencies:

Payeer electronic wallet can store up to 8 currencies which are:

  • Money United States Dollar (USD)
  • Russian Ruble (RUB)
  • Euros (EUR)
  • Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH)
  • Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC)
  • Electronic money Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dash cryptocurrency (DASH)

Advantages of Payeer electronic wallet:

  • User-friendly interface. Integrating web and phone versions is easy to use.
  • Integrates many functions such as deposits, withdrawals, transactions and currency conversions.
  • Payeer electronic wallet supports both legal currencies and cryptocurrencies, the conversion between currencies takes place quickly and flexibly.
  • Support payment anytime on the internet.
  • 24/7 operation helps users not to interrupt activities related to money transfer and payment,…
  • Completely confidential personal information, financial information of users.
  • Support payment of business activities and projects on the internet.
  • Payeer electronic wallets can be deposited directly through Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin, AdvCash, Web Money,…
  • Easy withdrawals to bank accounts of countries.

In this article, I will detail how to register, verify and deposit, withdraw/transfer with Payeer electronic wallet:


Step 1: First you access the link then click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” to start creating a new Payeer account.

Register Payeer wallet

Step 2: Next you enter your Email address and click “CREATE ACCOUNT

Step 3: Check the mail Payeer will send to you, enter the code and then click “CREATE ACCOUNT

Register Payeer wallet

Step 4: Change the password or leave the default (Password must match the Repeat Password). Click “NEXT

New Password: new password, used to login.
Repeat New Password: confirm the new password again. Note: The 2 lines of the password must be the same.
Secret code: secret character, you need to remember to recover your account when you forget/lost your password.

Step 5: Fill in the Name, Last name and Country fields. Click “Done

Register Payeer wallet

Step 6: Complete registration. Then select LOG-IN to log in with the created account. Below is the interface your account will appear, as shown below. Payeer Wallet can store USD (US Dollar), EUR (Euro), RUB (Russian Ruble), BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), LTC (Litecoin) and DASH (Dashcoin), XRP (RippleNet).

Note: Your account number/wallet address is in the form of Pxxxxxxxx (like a bank account number – used to receive money and send money)

Dashboard: A dashboard of key information about your account
Add: Deposit to Payeer account
Transfer: Transfer money to another member or withdraw money
Exchange: Currency Converter
History: History of your withdrawals and transfers
Support: Send a support request to Payeer


Log in to your account and click on “Settings” (gear image) => with Profile tab.

Payeer Wallet Verification

Under Type of account, select Personal.
Fill in: E-mail, Mobile phone (Phone number: +XX is the country code), Telegram, Nick chat, Name (first and middle name), Last Name (last name), Country.

Click “GO NEXT“:

Upload authentication documents such as Passport (passport) or ID (ID card) or Driver’s license.
In the Proof of address section, you need to upload invoices/bank statements with the same information as: “full name, address” and within the last 3 months.


Payeer Wallet Verification

In addition, there is also Tab SECURITY which is a confirmation method to log in to the system and retrieve the password:

AUTHENTICATION (2FA): Security method when logging in: You choose the security method as E-mail, when you log in to any machine, the payeer system will send a verification code to your e-mail. You will need to enter that code to log in to the system. Or you can choose to verify via SMS or Telegram (Note that SMS will cost $0.05/SMS).
RESTORE PASSWORDS: Method to reset password when you forgot your login password. The method is the same as the Authentication (2FA) section above.
MASTER KEY is used when you make transactions. When we want to transfer or exchange money, we must enter Master Key for successful transaction. (Note: Master Key is like OTP of bank transactions, you must remember and must not disclose to anyone).

Tab PASSWORD: To set up, change the set password.

Tab NOTIFICATIONS: To set up the account balance change notification.

That is the completion of the Payeer wallet account setup for transactions.


1. Deposit money into Payeer wallet

On the Dashboard page, select the ADD item.

Payeer Wallet Deposit

Then select the currency you want to deposit, the default is USD.

Choose payment system: Bitcoin, Perfectmoney,..

Type in the amount you want to deposit in Amount

Then click the ADD button.

2. Withdraw/transfer from Payeer wallet

On the Dashboard page, select the TRANSFER item.

Withdraw from Payeer

Then select the system you want to withdraw to or transfer to another account (Choose system).

Enter the account number to transfer money to (Account).

Select the withdrawal currency and amount in the Amount box.

Then click the SEND button.

Good luck with your Payeer wallet!


Phone number: +84399861368


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