Earn money online with ai.marketing

Earn money online with ai.marketing

To deposit/withdraw funds with Ai.marketing you can ask Trainer (Supporter) or can do it directly through Visa/Mastercard/Maestro cards; Mir card or e-wallet Payeer, Perfect Money and e-wallets that support payments via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether ERC-20, Tronk TRC-20 (Payeer, Perfect Money or e-wallets that support Bitcoin, Tronk TRC-20 payments are recommended):

You first need to apply for a Visa/Mastercard/Maestro card; Mir card or e-wallets (If you already have a card or e-wallet, skip this step):

– Apply for Visa/Mastercard/Maestro card; Mir card through the bank that provides the card.

– Register Payeer, Perfect Money or e-wallets to support payment via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether ERC-20, Tronk TRC-20:

+ Payeer e-wallet:

+ Perfect Money e-wallet:

+ ONUS e-wallet:

Creating a referral link is to create a link to share, introduce a summary of yourself and the project, invite others to join the project.

To create a referral link for your ai.marketing account, you can follow the detailed instructions at the link: https://ai-marketingaz.com/ai.marketing/create-referral-link/